The worse it gets - The better we are!

INCA Wild Fire Safe (WFS) concept provides an innovative and unique solution to combat serious fires in nature and urban areas. Simplicity in installation. Quickly developed in critical areas. Acting as a barrier to get in control of forest and bush fires. Excellent heat radiation properties.

The INCA Group Team, with it's special professional skills and experience in developing the newest innovative standards and applications for passive fire protection is a guarantee for continued development and refinements.

A Professional Reference Team is stand-by for best preparations and exchange of practical experiences. Access to a large and flexible facility for full scale reality testing led by internationally experienced professionals only 10 minutes from Stockholm-Arlanda Airport.

Welcome to take part of an innovative, efficient and cost effective climate change driven concept - developed for your safety and environment!

The worse it gets - The better we are!

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INCA Wild Fire Safe