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WFS Net ®


WFS Net ®  general features

a substrate coated with an Expandable Graphite based fire retardant resin.

environmentally neutral and totally halogen free.

when exposed for heat (>150°C / 302°F) it expands creating an intumescent char which works as a flame- and heat-barrier. The char layer can withstand high temperatures during a long period of time and can be used for a wide range of passive fire safety applications and urgency situations.


emits low smoke, prevent for dripping and have a low heat release.


for permanent installations outdoor where the product is subject to extreme and aggressive environmental conditions.


exceptionally good resistance to abrasion, water, chemicals, varying temperatures.

harmless during thermal decomposition.


anti-corrosive and durable.


available in any color defined in the Multi Color Industry Tinting System (MCI).

WFS Net®

WFS Net®

WFS Net®

WFS Net®

WFS Net®

WFS Net®

WFS Net®

WFS Net®

WFS Net®

Detailed product specification available upon request. Please contact us at or +46 (0) 70 - 543 75 28.

WFS ® team

Nils Wenne

CEO and founder of INCA AB

Inventor of the WFS. +35 years experience of international management positions, leadership and creative processes

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Peter Wisseng

Station officer at Stockholm Fire Brigade

Expert fires and explosives. Experienced team leader in international UN rescue operations.

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Niklas Lindvall

President RSR AB Training School

Fire chief, Educations manager. +15 years in emergency services.

Marc Mongeau

President ANC Aviation S.A.S.

Aeronautic and marine firefighting expert. +35 years experience in Europe and North America.


Ayu Hjalmarsson

Executive assistant INCA AB

Global customer and sales support. +10 years experience in Asian and European markets

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Peter Josefson

INCA AB Support team

Domestic general support and logistic assistance.

You can reach us at